The Odyssey™ was introduced in July 2012 and was the first UK designed and manufactured electronic cigarette. It set a new standard of engineering excellence and changed people’s perception of how a premier electronic cigarette should look, feel and operate. From this beginning, at Totally Wicked we have continued to invest in the range of products we exclusively offer.

Totally Wicked Engineering Ltd was founded in 2013 to provide Totally Wicked e-liquid with the ability to design, engineer and manufacture a unique range of electronic cigarette products in the UK. The fundamental principles required to do this to our satisfaction are: elegant and effective design, precision machining and manufacture, and high quality assembly and inspection. Making the best vaping “toys” is something we take extremely seriously.

The vast majority of Odyssey parts are not touched by human hands during the machining process, as we use fully automated CNC machining. All Odyssey kits and tanks are produced from solid Austenitic Stainless Steel bar. This is expensive and time consuming, however it is necessary to be able to produce the resilient and high tolerance stability to deliver the design demands and support our unrivalled 5 year guarantee. TW has made very substantial investments in people and machinery to make all this possible, but when you pick up a product of this endeavor we hope you feel it has been worthwhile.

Every product is finished, assembled and quality assured by one of our production and manufacture team. This level of attention is applied to each and every part, from mouthpieces to the Odyssey VV, this level of attention is time consuming but absolutely necessary to deliver the quality products that deserve the name ‘Odyssey’. Not many people will expect the finish of an $99 electronic cigarette kit to compare well with a $1,000 Swiss watch, but we have made it our target.

Our aim is to build a portfolio of products that are all delivered using the same basic but demanding requirements.

We set ourselves the following benchmark:

  • To design unique products that takes a leadership design position.
  • To design and manufacture products that provide the user with unique performance characteristics.
  • Create a range of products that support a ‘system of systems’ design philosophy. This will allow for the maximum interchangeably within the Odyssey™ and wider Totally Wicked Odyssey range and enable ‘personalization’ of the owners’ experience.
  • Include engineering excellence in all design and products; never for its own sake but to deliver performance and product robustness that reflects the engineering excellence applied.
  • Offer through our customer support and product warranty, absolute confidence in every customers’ investment in one of our ‘Odyssey’ products.

Totally Wicked Engineering is continuing to develop new and innovative products, with plenty more bright ideas in the pipeline. All new devices will have the look and feel that defines them as a TW Engineering product, without anyone having to ask. From the reassuring weight, tactile nature and elegance of shape to subtlety of curve, every design feature is carefully considered and exactly produced in the finished parts. We know you are going to love and cherish them as much as we do.